Air and Steam Technologies for Paper Industry

After several studies, our Closed Hoods meet the requirements of the modern Paper Machines: high energy efficiencies combined with heat, acoustic and humidity insulation. We can design and install Closed Hoods with 65°C Dew Temperature.

Technical Information

  • Dew Temperature up to 60°C
  • Modular parts
  • Completely walkable roof
  • Roof removable for machine access with crane
  • Different choice of materials (as per Customer requirements)


The advantage of installing a High Dew Temperature Closed Hood is the energy saving, connected to low heat and humidity emission in the room, easily access to the central part of the Paper Machine (completely removable roof) and low noisiness.


  • Dew Temperature 60°C
  • Energy savings 11%
  • Complete access to the Paper Machine (both on Conductor as well as Transmission side)
  • Completely removable and walkable roof
  • Machine room renovation