Wet air exhaust

Air and Steam Technologies for Paper Industry

During paper production cycle, evaporated water is exhausted in form of wet air. Absolute Humidity (X) inside Closed Hood determines the Dew Temperature: higher temperature means better energetic efficiency of the system.

Technical Information

  • Uniform Closed Hood extraction
  • Welded and flanged aluminium ducts
  • Own production axial and centrifugal fans
  • V-belt drives out of air flow
  • Electric motor accessible for maintenance or replacement


A good exhaust of the wet air allows us to balance the air quantity exhaust from the Closed Hood, without favoring a certain zone or, even worse, causing a lack of exhaust and other zones, and consequently creating condensation phenomena.

Case Study

  • Better wet air exhaust from Closed Hood
  • Energy saving as a result of Heat Recovery Units
  • Easy access to exhaust fans
  • Motor and drives out of wet air flow
  • Paper Machine room improvement