False ceilings

Air and Steam Technologies for Paper Industry

Paper Machine are an uninterrupted source of humidity, in pulp area and, especially, in the drying part. This water condensate on the ceiling and on the walls of the shed. The ventilated false ceiling prevents drippings, which could damage the structure of the building and the product.

CONTROSOFFITTO Tecnologie aereotermiche per l'industria della carta

Technical Information

  • Aluminum or stainless steel corrugated sheet
  • Light structure not to weight on the building
  • Low air volume for false ceiling ventilation
  • Guaranteed solution of condensation problems


The advantage of ventilated false ceiling is to remove any condensate and dripping problem in Paper Machine Room, essential in stock preparation and wire area. By blowing hot air inside ceiling, avoiding dripping, we clean and maintain healthy the side walls of the building.


Case study

  • Aluminium ceiling at 14 m height
  • 35°C blowing air temperature
  • Air heating by condensate water
  • Minimum effect on energetic consumption
  • Short installation period: one month from order to start-up