Pocket ventilation and web stabilizers

Air and Steam Technologies for Paper Industry

Modern Paper Machines with high production and speed require more and more systems to stabilize paper sheet, especially after presses, and then ventilate pockets between dryer cylinders in order to reduce humidity on the felts.


Technical Information

  • Tailor made installation
  • Better runability for Paper Machine
  • Cleaning of felts and air exchange in the pockets
  • Stability of paper sheet
  • Production increasing more than 10%
  • Blowing air velocity up to 100 m/s


The advantages of Web Stabilizer System is to stabilize paper sheet between upper and lower dryer cylinders, and not create defects or paper breaks. Pocket Ventilation system guarantees an air exchange in each pocket of felts and the cleaning. The air for both systems has to be considered in the calculation of air balance of the Closed Hood.



  • High velocity Pocket Ventilation
  • Air exchanges in each pocket of felt
  • Complete air blowing control by dampers
  • Possibility of high temperature blowing (120÷130°C)