High-Efficiency hoods

Air and Steam Technologies for Paper Industry

High Efficiency Hood for coating are designed to each single kind of coat, its dilution and dryness, essential data for the calculation of air temperature used.

Technical Information
  • Blowing air velocity up to 120 m/s
  • Temperature up to 300°C
  • No heat dissipation
  • Adjustable air velocity and volume
  • Air heating by steam, natural gas, fuel oil, …
  • Corten or Stainless steel construction


The advantage of a High Efficiency Hood by air is for sure less amount of energy used, compared with Infra-Red or Electrical one. This kind of Hood has also lower maintenance costs with lower fire risks.

Case study: FAVINI – CRUSINALLO (Italy)
  • Nine Hoods for “Release” paper
  • Six Hoods heated by steam, 150°C blowing air
  • Three Hoods heated by natural gas, 250°C blowing air
  • Painted steel structure, complete of rolls, felt regulators and stretchers
  • Electrical drives for the complete coating machine

Read the case study


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